A Little About Us

A Little About Us

May 30, 2015

For our first Stephen Edward Graphics blog post I thought I would share a little about each of us who make up Stephen Edward Graphics.


Hello My Name is Stephen

My name is Stephen Weber. My wife Angela and I started this business back in 2009. I have been working in the graphic arts field since I was a high school student back in 1990. Working for commercial printing companies my whole life -- I stumbled across my love of doing cut vinyl and our wall decal products were born. Several years later we expanded into doing signs, banners and just about anything else you may ever need printed. When you don't find me working you will find me driving around on my garden tractor, listening to music, going to concerts or just relaxing.


Say Hi to Angela "She Runs This Thing"


Say hello to Angela, she is my beautiful wife and she keeps this thing chugging along. Handling customer emails, doing design, keeping everything on schedule and making lots of decals. She is a gifted artist -- stained glass, mixed media arts and painting are just a few of her skills. She is also an Adobe Illustrator wizard, who can handle Illustrator pathfinder commands like a ninja. When not working you will find her doing some sort of art project. You can see what she is up to by visiting her facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/AngelasArtRoom



We brought Monet home almost 12 years ago. She is our best friend. She keeps us company on long days in the studio. This picture is from a couple of years ago so she is a little older now, and really loves to lay around and take naps.



We brought Kokomo home a year ago. She is a rescue pup from Chicago. She is a mix, we're not really sure but we think she is part golden retriever/ part rottweiler. She has tons of spunk and really likes to eat shoes.


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