Why Choose Direct to Garment Printing

We live in a world of instant gratification. Consumers want it now, they want it customized and they want only as many as they need. The days of ordering too many shirts and tripping over them in your basement is a thing of the past.

So What Exactly is Direct to Garment Printing?
Direct to garment printing (or DTG) is simply an emerging garment decorating technology that became widely available in the commercial market in the mid-2000s. Unlike traditional labor-intensive processes such as screen printing, DTG utilizes inkjet printing technology to send a full color, detailed design directly from a computer to a digital printer with a garment loaded into it. Piezo print heads then jet opaque white ink and translucent CMYK ink onto the garment and recreate the digital artwork. These inks are waterbased, eco-friendly inks that are specifically designed to adhere to fabric when heat cured. DTG makes it simple to create high-quality printed garments that are just as good, if not better than traditional screen printing.