Airplane Wall Decal Set - Large

The Airplane Wall Decal Set is available in the color of your choice. See the color chart for your options. Color pictured is Brown. The photographs are for a reference be sure use the measurements when ordering.

Set of 4 - You will receive all FOUR airplanes pictured.

Airplane Size - 11.5" wide by 9.8" high (each)
Trail lengths range from 18.5" long to 20.8" long

Airplane with Trail - size ranges from 28" long to 40" long depending on how you apply them.

Matte Black
Matte White
Matte Red
Matte Key Lime
Matte Dark Green
Matte Turquoise
Matte Hot Pink
Matte Ivory
Matte Burgundy
Matte Celadon
Matte Powder Blue
Matte Turquoise Blue
Matte Light Grey
Matte Beige
Matte Persimmon
Matte Olive
Matte Light Blue
Matte Lilac
Matte Grey
Matte Light Brown
Matte Orange
Matte Lime Tree Green
Matte Azure Blue
Matte Violet
Matte Dark Grey
Matte Nut Brown
Matte Maize
Matte Yellow Green
Matte Dark Blue
Matte Carnation Pink
Matte Metallic Silver
Matte Brown
Matte Yellow
Matte Medium Green
Matte Mint
Matte Soft Pink
Matte Metallic Gold

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