Playroom Decal with Personalized Names | Kids Bedroom Vinyl | Multiple Colors


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The Personalized Playroom Decal is a fun addition to the play area in your house! It's available in 12 different color schemes. Please see pictures 2 & 3 for the color menus. The photographs are for a reference be sure to use the measurements when ordering.

72" wide by 20.7" high*
66" wide by 19" high*
60" wide by 17.3" high*
54" wide by 15.5" high*
48" wide by 13.8" high*
42" wide by 12.1" high*
36" wide by 10.3" high*
30" wide by 8.6" high*
24" wide by 6.9" high*

*Height may vary depending on the names chosen.

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